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About Us

The Golf Caddy Online Story

GCO Executives

Lance Kulman
Avid Golfer & CEO

Coralee Kulman
Avid Golfer’s Wife & CFO

Martin Forler
Technical Support
Director & CIO

The story of this website started 40 years ago when Lance, a very athletic and sports-minded young man, started to caddy for his Dad. He learned good golf etiquette and how to read the greens. His love of golf has grown over the years as his handicap kept coming down.

By nature Lance is a “rules” person. If he doesn’t know the rule in any given golf situation, he will find out — just ask his golf buddies! He worked with the Pacifici Northwest Regional Cascade Golf Tour for five years and, for nine years, organized charity golf tournaments. During this time, he met many up-and-coming Pros and began to see a whole other side of golf.

Coralee was a business manager for a number of small businesses who loves to organize projects. She had just finished helping her granddaughter’s high school parents organize an innovative parents group — a creative and efficient organization in one entity. She drives the structure and flow of Golf Caddy Online.

One of their sons, Martin, is an inventive kind of man. For example, the company Martin works for had to send engineers to figure out how to reproduce a jig he invented to solve a problem on one of their packing production machines. It was Martin who suggested a golf website where a golfer could find something a little different — like hole-by-hole play tips. Martin’s idea opened up an vision that has been bubbling away every since. His idea was a natural for us.

After looking at the mix of Lance’s deep love for golf and networking ability, Martin's creative ingenuity and Coralee's focus on smooth operations, you know that this team is well seasoned and ready to move into this new adventure.

Lance & Coralee are retired. They sold their home and bought a motorhome and traveled fulltime throughout the United States and Canada adding golf courses along the way for four wonderful years. Currently, due to health reasons, Lance continues his work on the website taking occasional trips to the great golf courses in North America.

Our Vision

When we sat down and got serious about the Golf Caddy Online community, we created this vision:

  • Community: A golf website that would be a community where the members were the most important ingredients in its formation and growth.

  • Focus on Content: A golf website that was professional and current in the information it provided and the look it presented – with no clutter of lots of ads and banners.

  • Fun: A golf website that knew how to have fun with its members also.

  • Distinction: A golf website that could provide the resources golfers were looking for and could not find elsewhere such as hole-by-hole play tips.

  • True to Golf: And, last but not least, to build a golf website that provided its members with a true online caddy experience, like the one that started with Lance’s golf experience with his Dad.

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