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Red Wing Lake Golf Course - Virginia Beach VA

Posted: Jul 03, 2010
Red Wing Lake Golf Course - Virginia Beach VA

If in the Virginia Beach area you may want to look into this great municipal golf course owned by the city. They are currently looking at options of having a management group take over the management of the course, but that is probably more than a year away.

This course has few bunkers, but makes up for it with lots of water, doglegs and tight landing areas. It is absolutely a great place to play golf and is not as expensive as some of the other courses in the area.

Generally, it is not as crowded either. It has a nice little grill along with a golf shop and is run currently by Todd Wise as the golf shop manager.

This course is one of those hidden gems that will make you pay attention, but is still fun to play at a fair price. Enjoy!

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