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Innisbrook Resort - Golf

Posted: May 19, 2010
Innisbrook Resort - Golf

It has been a crazy two weeks. I had my motorhome in for maintenance and a guy backed it into a wall. They fixed the damage and are going to pay for my slide topper as soon as I get it in for an estimate.  Fortunately, it is close.

While all this was going on I was invited down to Innisbrook Resort to photograph all four of their courses, North, South, Island and Copperhead. Yes, it is the one used for the PGA Transitions tournament.

The picture is the beautiful, but shorter North Course, taken in the morning with the sun just coming up. This park-like course is a pleasure to play with quick, smooth greens and as you can see, beautiful scenery.

The resort itself was fabulous and we stayed in a one-bedroom suite which has a full kitchen, all the amenities and looked out over the Copperhead course.

The other two courses are both equal to each other, The Island Course is as long as Copperhead and has more water with a variety of holes to keep it very interesting.

The South Course is shorter similar to the North but a little more open and takes you through some of the great homes on the Resort property. All the courses greens were in wonderful shape and were a pleasure to play.

I would recommend this resort to anyone who plays golf, and if you happen to need a massage they have a new spa.

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